LC Multiport Adapters

LC Multiport Adapters

The Sanwa Multiport Adapter, also known as the LC 6-Port Adapter, is designed without flanges on either side of the adapter body. This makes possible side-by-side mounting, without wasting space. In addition, the LC Multiport helps maximize the density of the port on the panel, or minimize the panel space itself.

LC Multiport AdapterFeatures

  • 6-port adapter designed without flanges on either side of the body
  • Maximizes density / minimizes panel space
  • Choice of phosphor bronze or zirconia split-sleeve
  • Comes with or without internal metal shutter




To generate the product key for your application, please select the appropriate options in the table below.

# of Ports
Sleeve Material
ZR Zirconia
PB P. Bronze
Housing Color
BL Blue
BE Beige
GR Green
BK Black
Internal Shutter
_____ No Shutter
ISH Shutter
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Technical Drawing


LC Multiport Adapters

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