LC Compact Push-Pull

LC Compact Push-Pull

Sanwa LC Push-Pull Connectors offer the industry’s easiest installation and removal. This uniquely designed connector is available in a compact model, ideal for helping to minimize oversized panels. With Sanwa’s LC Push-Pull Compact Connector, it’s not necessary to leave additional space at the top or bottom to allow room for engaging the latch. The structure of the LC Push-Pull Compact is such that the latch can be slid back, instead of being pushed down, to facilitate smooth removal. To install, simply push into the adapter. This space-saving installation/removal process enables the highest density panel design possible.

LC Compact Push-Pull ConnectorFeatures

  • Unique compact model that reduces width and depth requirements even further
  • Available in 2.0mm and 3.0mm sizes
  • Short boot style available
  • SM, MM and APC


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Housing Color
BL Blue
Be Beige
GR Green
AQ Aqua
Boot Diameter
30 3.0mm
Boot Color
WH White
Ferrule ID
1255SM SM 125.5 μm
127MM MM 127 μm
1255AP APC 1255 μm
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LC Compact Push-Pull

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