Optical Rosettes

The Sanwa Optical Rosette enables the fiber cable from the power pole or underground site to be brought indoors directly to a designated room, adjacent to a PC, television, or other terminal. Its streamlined, compact size means it can go anywhere and blend into its surroundings, beautifully. Choose from 3 types of Sanwa Optical Rosettes, each with unique functionality. Each is connected to the ONU by bend-free fiber cable. Excess fiber can be stored with R15 inside of the box. Each type is RoHS and UL compliant.

Sanwa Optical Rosettes

Rosette Type 1

Rosette Type 2

Rosette Type 3

Number of optical cable gates

4 directions
and 1 from behind

3 directions
and 1 from behind

2 direction
and 1 from behind


100(H) x 65(L) x 14(W) mm

110(H) x 70(L) x 16.4(W) mm

112(H) x 80(L) x 18.5(W) mm

Other features

Most compact rosette available

Can also be used for mechanical and fusion splice

Two fibers can be treated in one box, enabling the division of the data signal and video signal

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